Why do our customers love Bodbox?

We've shipped thousands of Bodbox's all over the UK and never have a customer complain about the quality of the products in our box, this is simply due to the fact that we work our hardest to bring you the best quality protein snack subscription boxes available to you, always including the best healthy snacks from some of the industries leading brands.

Protein snacks are one of the most expensive snacks you can buy, so we've dedicated our service to providing the best value in our boxes that we possibly can without sacrificing on quality. Always ensuring that we provide the most sought after protein bars and drinks as soon as they are released. 

Throughout the entire life of Bodbox, we've received some excellent feedback from our customers, so rather than try and boast about our self.. we'll let their words convince you why Bodbox is the UK's leading protein snack subscription service.


jode_fadtofit on Instagram "Love coming home to my restock of muscle fuel!! @bodbox is my fave delivery" 

borgansmall_ on Instagram "Hugging my @bodbox cause it's life.  Seriously unreal this company just smash the boxes out the park every month full of goodies I usually eat mine within a day or two, they're too good. Just had my protein bar now off to train"

Cassbikini on Instagram "Makes work 10x better when you arrive and see your @bodbox on your desk "

Leeah85 on Instagram "Check out the goodies in this months @bodbox April’s box is my second one and so far has not disappointed at all!!! It’s so good that the sun even shines upon it automatically. Check them out on www.bodbox.co.uk"

ayothemaestroon Instagram "I was looking forward to the February edition of @bodbox and I think it is money well spent!! Would definitely recommend getting the March box as I know I will. Tasty protein treats for a good price!"



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