Top 10 tastiest high protein snacks

In recent years, high protein snacks have become all the range and companies have really stepped up their game to make the tastiest protein snacks they can, but with all the choice out there... what are the tastiest high protein snacks?

We've put together a list of what we think are the top 10 tastiest high protein snacks out there right now.

10. QNT Chocolate Coated Protein Wafer

A hidden gem in the protein snack market is this QNT Chocolate Coated Protein Wafer. It's delicious taste and amazing texture puts it in at number 10 on our list. It contains a cool 11g of protein per wafer

9. Natural Nutrients Simply Salted Protein Popcorn

Protein popcorn?! That's right! The guys over at Natural Nutrients have put together a great tasting, macro friendly protein popcorn for us all too tuck into. Although it is only 2.2g of protein per bag, it is a protein snack, does taste amazing and only contains 97 calories per bag!

8. Kings Traditional BBQ Beef Jerkey

Kings Traditional BBQ Beef Jerkey is one of the nicest tasting Beef Jerkey's on the market and is packed with 10.9g of protein per bag and just 87 calories!

7. ProSupps Snickerdoodle MyCookie

ProSupps have put together an amazing range of high protein cookies with the MyCookie range. Our favourite is the Snickerdoodle flavour, that's extremely tasty with a great texture. It contains a cool 18g of protein per cookie.

6. Pandy Protein Candy - Saltey Kettlebells

Chewy saltey kettlebells packed with 16g of protein per bag! Pandy protein candy tastes amazing, contains only 151 calories per bag and is sugar, lactose and gluten free!

5. Snickers Protein Bar

Who doesn't love a Snickers bar? Well the protein version is no different, other than the fact it's crammed with that all important protein of course and almost 200 calories less than it's normal counterpart. The Snickers protein bar has 18g of protein per bar.

4. Rebel Chocolate Columbian Single Origin Milk Chocolate

Delicious milk chocolate with a whopping 25g of protein per bar! Rebel Chocolate is a newer brand on the market but their bars taste amazing and are really worth checking out if your a chocolate lover.

3. ProSupps Ice Cream Cookie Crunch MyBar 

Ice Cream Cookie Crunch! ProSupps make our list again, but this time with a product from their amazing MyBar range. This bar tastes amazing, looks amazing and is just all around amazing. It contains 20g of protein and only 220 calories per bar.

2. Barebells Cookies & Cream Protein Bar

The Barebells range has hit the floor running since it landed in the U.K. and has established itself as one of the leading protein bar ranges at the minute, and rightly so. Our favourite from the range is the Cookies & Cream flavour, it has an amazing texture, delicious tastes, is filling and contains 20g of protein and just 199 calories per bar!

1. Grenade Carb Killa Jaffa Quake Protein Bar

Here we have it, number one on our list and of course it had to be from the hottest protein bar range on the market. Our number one choice is the Grenade Carb Killa Jaffa Quake Protein Bar. A delicious chocolate orange protein bar crammed with over 23g of protein!

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